Category: Storytime

I enjoy a good story.

I find myself attracted to people who have a story to tell, whether it’s getting their ass beat by a woman doing muay thai in South Africa or hitchhiking through Southeast Asia, I listen intently with awe and admiration.

I thought, well, what kind of story would I tell? I bought a cat and we watched Netflix together almost every night didn’t seem like as fun of a story as climbing Mt. Fuji in the freezing cold.

Traveling, for me, has provided me with the ability to create stories worth telling, living a life worth reading. Simple sentences like I saw my first firefly in Thailand or I was invited to drink beer with a stranger in Vietnam during Tet Holiday are all sentences that I would like to be saying  when I talk about my life.

I strive to live a life worth reading.

I strongly believe in the mantra “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” I’ve found that the most interesting parts of travel have always been en route to a destination rather than standing at said destination.  Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, and Ernest Hemingway are all my inspirations for the lives of adventure that I hope to lead.

Here are my collections of adventure and experiences to give you a better idea of some of the traveling I do.