The Willing Road shows you

the horrors and the beauties of travel as told by me, Tuliyani,

a traveler who hit the road so that life wouldn't escape me.  

Through humorous anecdotes, thoughtful journal entries, and travel tips,

I hope to open up a whole new world to you and

provide you the courage to

take that first step out the door. 


Where to Get Sun on Those Buns: My Guide To San Diego Beaches
Are you with kids? Do you prefer to drink in the sun? Or are you a more active beach goer?
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Palm trees and me
What I Learned From My First Solo Travel Experience
Let's see what I learned during my first time, because it obviously wasn't how to be fashionable.
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5 Common Complaints I’ve Heard About Japan
Complaints I've heard about Japan (and my responses).
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Ninohe, Japan
Mountain Vegetable Picking in Ninohe, Japan
When I chose to hang out with the elders of Japan instead of the younger crowd at the beach.
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Morioka, Iwate, Japan
19 Images to Give You A Peek Inside Local Living in Morioka, Japan
Just a few things I've seen in Morioka, Iwate
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My First Time Being Naked in Public in Japan
We were born nude, lived in the nude and over time have become a fully clothed society. To break free
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