The Willing Road shows you

the horrors and the beauties of travel as told by me, Tuliyani,

a traveler who hit the road so that life wouldn't escape me.  

Through humorous anecdotes, thoughtful journal entries, and travel tips,

I hope to open up a whole new world to you and

provide you the courage to

take that first step out the door. 


Luquillo, Puetro Rico
Eating in Luquillo, Puerto Rico
A quick stop for food outside El Yunque Forest
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Puerto Rico
The Best Place to Dance in Puerto Rico
Dancing with the locals in Puerto Rico!
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A Bad Trip in San Francisco
Three girls head to San Francisco and end up having a bad trip. Not the good kind either!
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Eating on a Budget | Conveyor Belt Sushi in Japan
Sushi is the gateway food to Japanese cuisine and probably the only Japanese food a lot of people ever eat.
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Bros of Venice Beach | Venice Skate Park
Venice Beach: where all the California stereotypes come true!
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Peruvian Food in L.A.: El Pollo Inka
It’s hot and sweaty in Los Angeles but we are on a mission. On this day we needed some international
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