why this site exists

eliminate fear


Eliminate fear of the outside world, of judgment, of the strength in you. Start traveling.

The Willing Road aims to help others live a vibrant life, to discover new cultures and find their strength through travel.

It aims at living wildly, loving fiercely, and discovering new cultures along the way because life is happening now, and it only happens once. Meet new people, have deep conversations, understand the way others live, and find the beauty in the world– that’s what this site strives for. In life, we must challenge ourselves, love ourselves, push our limits, and find our strengths.

This site is for you…

The SKEPTIC traveler

Someone who wants more out of life, but doesn’t know where to go or how to get started, who has fears that they need to conquer.

The ECLECTIC traveler

Open to any kind of travel. Backpacking? Duh. Splurging on a nice hotel? Let’s do it. Sleeping in a tent of a stranger’s backyard? Done.

The FLEXIBLE traveler

Spontaneity is key here. Open to change in their travel plans, in themselves, in their lives. 

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