Travel Plans for November 2016

When I made my way to Vietnam, I had no plans: no idea of how long I was going to spend in Vietnam, or where I was going to stay. All I knew was that I was going to dive into a new country, eat food, get fat, and meet new people.

Banh Mi for breakfast
Breakfast is served in Can Tho with Tricia, who I met in Ho Chi Minh City

Because I had absolutely no plans though, I suddenly found that my flexibility could get me into some new adventures. I checked into different hostels, met different people, headed to the Mekong Delta with a girl I just met, and now I’m prepared for an even bigger trip with another girl, Dianna.

I met Dianna at a coffee shop when she had expressed her goal for traveling Vietnam: ride a motorbike from the South of Vietnam to the North, but she needed a partner. Was I willing to be that partner in crime, endure hours upon hours of literal pains in the ass, take the risk of being on long stretches of roads where there was no one else around for miles?

You bet your darn tootin’ ass I was.

Dianna had some family business to take care of before she set out on the trip which left me to explore Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho for a bit, but once family time was over we hit the books and began planning our trip, searching for bikes, and buying all the necessary equipment. Now, for the next 30 days, the full month of November, I will be riding my little fire of a scooter alongside my new friend and her motorbike.


Travel Vietnam by motorbike
Getting the engine checked before our big trip

I had originally wanted a motorbike, but when we found this scooter in perfect condition and only a missing mirror, it had to happen. I call her Black Mamba. Dianna’s unfortunately took longer to find. The first one we bought turned out to be a piece of shit so she ended up buying an almost-new bike. The less work we have to do on our bikes, the better.

Travel Vietnam by motorbike
Trying out storage racks

We got the necessary repairs, bought some necessary items for the road and now we are prepared for our trip. We have met several people who have or will have done the same trip, some alone, some in pairs who just met; some preparing to sell their bikes, some looking for bikes. With each person we met we educated ourselves on what to expect, repairing bikes, routes to take, and must see places.  

Travel Vietnam by motorbike
The storage rack was not going to fit on my bike without a fight, but Vietnamese people are crafty and figured it out on their own.


I can’t wait to get back on the road. This time with the wind blowing my hair in my face, a layer of sweat and dirt on my skin, helmet hair, and probably another scar from the exhaust pipe.

Travel Vietnam by motorbike
Me and Dianna waiting. Always waiting at mechanic shops.

For the next month, look for my new articles and photos that will catch you up on my travels. Stay tuned!

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