The Willing Road shows you

the horrors and the beauties of travel as told by me, Tuliyani,

a traveler who hit the road so that life wouldn't escape me.  

Through humorous anecdotes, thoughtful journal entries, and travel tips,

I hope to open up a whole new world to you and

provide you the courage to

take that first step out the door. 


Jeju Island and the East China Sea
I’m a Pork Eating, Soju Drinking, Starstruck Idiot: One Day on Jeju Island
How I spent my one day on Jeju Island: eating, drinking, laughing and interacting with the locals.
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Travel, Japan
The Truth About Japan– It’s Not What You Think
Thoughts on leaving Japan and what Japan really is to me.
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Travel to Taiwan and you will see the most vibrant and beautiful scenes. Not the cleanest looking city but it's full of beautiful sights to see
23 Images of Taiwan to Inspire You
Take a peek into the culture of Taiwan through a few pictures I've taken
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I climbed Mt. Fuji as a solo traveler. Here you can find what my experience was like. It wasn't difficult to climb Mt. Fuji, but if you are not properly prepared, then you can have a miserable time.
My Solo Climb Up Mt. Fuji
The experience of an inexperienced climber up Mt. Fuji.
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Climbing Mt. Fuji is easier than it seems, but it should not be taken lightly. I climbed Mt. Fuji solo, but I survived. It's something I believe everyone should experience.
Tips for Solo Climbing Mt. Fuji
For a more successful and enjoyable climb.
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Japanese culture
My Unpaid Japanese Bartending “Job”
I get paid in laughter, Japanese pervert lessons, and alcohol.
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