The Willing Road shows you

the horrors and the beauties of travel as told by me,


a bartender who hit the road so that life wouldn't escape me.  

Whether it's tasting a new liquor or discovering a new bar, I focus on the

alcohol culture around the world while diving into some epic adventures. 


Travel solo, travel in a group, whatever you do, just travel.
Why You Should Travel Solo
People still fear traveling solo, but there are many benefits to solo travel that people may not realize. Here is
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Go see the Giant tortoises in the Galapagos
The Galapagos Islands Are So Photogenic
Never in a million years did I ever think that I would end up in the Galapagos. I was lucky
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things to see in the Galapagos
I hope my 2018 reflections motivate you
My 2018 was a mix of ups in terms of success, and downs in terms of personal life. Well, I've
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Weird Things I Ate in Japan
Japan is a wonderful country with beautiful scenery, peaceful people, tranquil culture, and... weird food to eat. Here are some
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The Willing Road Monthly Round-Up | October 2018
This is the first October that I have spent at home in the United States since 2014 and this is
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Dia de los muertos in Mexico City
I Went to Mexico to Learn About My Culture
This post is about the time I went to Mexico City to discover more about my people and the blood
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