The Willing Road shows you

the horrors and the beauties of travel as told by me, Tuliyani,

a traveler who hit the road so that life wouldn't escape me.  

Through humorous anecdotes, thoughtful journal entries, and travel tips,

I hope to open up a whole new world to you and

provide you the courage to

take that first step out the door. 


The Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip | How To Prepare
I drove for 15 hours down the Pacific Coast Highway and made mistakes so you don't have to.
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The hook in Santa Cruz
The Best Places to See in Santa Cruz
These are the things I like to do for cheap or free in Santa Cruz
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palm tree silhouettes in Ocean beach, San Diego
The Willing Road Monthly Round-Up | May 2018
Let's see, I drove a lot and I worked a lot. Just about sums it up.
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Solo female travel Colombia
5 Inspirational Benefits of Solo Travel
All these happened to me, and they can happen to you if you travel solo!
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la jolla san diego
Photos of San Diego That Remind Me Why I Love San Diego
I always return to San Diego after my travels. It's no wonder why, though. Just take a look at these
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Going out in Rio De Janeiro
The Willing Road Monthly Round-Up | April 2018
What did I get up to during the month of April and what's to come next?
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