Photos of San Diego That Remind Me Why I Love San Diego

I described San Diego as we stood on the sand dunes of Colombia, watching the waves crash against the shore. I described San Diego when I was in Rio De Janeiro, walking in 80 degree heat with one eye over my shoulder, on the lookout for thieves. Every time I described San Diego, I got the same reaction: “Why would you ever leave?”

Trust me, kid, I thought the same thing.

If you haven’t well figured it out by now, I love to travel. I love new places, new cultures, and discovering new cities. So why do I keep going back to San Diego (besides the fact that I run out of money and I have to start all over again because I be a broke beezy)?

I moved to San Diego back in 2009. One breakup, 2 degrees, and multiple jobs later I’m still in love with this city. Every time I travel I come up with the bright idea to not return, but rather live in another city, explore another part of the United States, but then I remember it snows during the winter in some parts, and there are no beaches in other parts. And if there are beaches, they’re accompanied by hurricanes that destroy houses.

I’m sure other cities and states are great, but every time I look into it, I find myself drawn back to San Diego. Which frustrates me because I would like to get to know a new city and my traveling bones yearn for change.

Alas, here I am again, in San Diego, the city that raised me.

Theories abound as to why I always return to San Diego, beaches and tacos being at the top of that list, but that can’t be all (well, it could be though…)

It’s hard to describe, so let me tell you in pictures.


Fish Tacos

tacos in San Diego

Fish tacos are definitely a reason to love San Diego

Tacos are found all over California, but San Diego offers the best fish tacos out there. It’s tough to find the right spot though because the good ones are the ones that you have to drive to. Which only makes being a local in San Diego extra special. And yes, that is melted cheese on the tortilla.


Gorgeous Sunsets

palm tree silhouettes in Ocean beach, San Diego

One of my favorite places to catch the sunset in San Diego: Ocean Beach!

Clouds be damned. The sunsets in San Diego are still fun to catch and worth it even when I have 5 minutes before the sun disappears. I love searching for new locations with the best views. Even though I’ve lived in San Diego for most of my adult life, I still don’t know all the prime locations for sunset viewing, but I’m on the hunt. This was the newest one I found in Ocean Beach.

Enjoying the Natural Beauty

Ocean Beach, San Diego

Watching the waves from Sunset Cliffs

San Diego has a lot of beautiful locations to see. If you’re a nature lover, seeing the ocean and listening to the way it moves is always a good idea. I’ve seen a lot of oceans in my travels, many much warmer than the Pacific Ocean, but the waves in California certainly are different and the cliffside hugging the ocean always has some secret pathway to get to the bottom.

Even if you don’t like the beach or the ocean, there are plenty of hikes throughout San Diego to be done, some more challenging than others. But you know, it’s easier to just watch the waves and think about whether it’s acceptable to have a taco before you have tacos.

The Surfing Culture

la jolla san diego

Surfers watching the waves before getting in the ocean


Yes, I’m from California. No, I don’t know how to surf.

Or so goes the conversation, usually. I know, I’m a fraud. But I can’t deny the surfing culture of California. There’s so much history to it and living around it I’ve always been fascinated by the culture. San Diego isn’t the only place one can go for surfing of course, but the surfers out here seem much friendlier and welcoming than I’ve seen in other locations.

Plus they’re always fun to look at… because they’re talented surfers, of course.




My name is Tuliyani, traveler, adventurer, dreamer, and bartender. I’m slightly obsessed with finding cheap flights to anywhere and doodling. 


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