The Galapagos Islands Are So Photogenic

When I was asked to represent Our Awesome Planet on a National Geographic cruise through the Galapagos, you bet that I disregarded everything I learned about branding and went straight for it. I'm new here, I think I have some space for wiggle room.

No, I normally would not take a cruise through the Galapagos because yes, it is a lot of money. But I do say "Yes" whenever possible and this just seemed like an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I skipped the Galapagos when I first backpacked through South America because just to get there was about $1000 that a little ol' backpacker like myself wouldn't be able to pay for.

Nervous about what you all would think of me for taking a cruise, I remembered that I don't really care and went with my camera held high anyway.

Here are my favorite outcomes:

The beautiful sunset at Leon Dormido was breathtaking.
The water surrounding Española Island is aqua blue and the sea lions love to play and rest around it.
Española Island has a wonderful hike that starts with playful sea lion pups
Nazca boobies nesting and resting
Albatross's dance to acquaint themselves so that when they return home they can identify each other.
Floreana Island is a beautiful island that has some magic to it
Children play ping pong in the galapagos
The lava tunnels are on the Island of Santa Cruz beneath the giant tortoise route. The pathway reemerges amongst some beautiful fern plants.
Go to the Galapagos and see the sun rise
Climb 376 steps to see the most iconic view of the Galapagos

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