The Willing Road Monthly Round-Up | January 2019

Did anybody else feel like the start of 2019 was a bit rocky? It’s like we weren’t ready for the changing of years and then all of a sudden we are screaming at midnight, not out of joy, but out of sheer panic.

“2019? That’s a bigger number than 2018! Another year and I haven’t done anything with my life. Another year, which means less time, which means fewer days to start a new skill, find that guy,” or whatever people wish for. “I had a resolution, but I don’t want to start it yet!”

And we continue on and on arguing with ourselves.

So 2019 happened. And one week in, we finally sobered up from the shock (or the tequila shots). Well now it’s time to start what I really want to start, right?

Or was that just me?

Well, either way, the month of January was only a little exciting. Check it out:


New York City, New York

Best Dish Eaten

Malva pudding at Jack’s Wife Freda in NY


Attending my first New York Times Travel Show– A lot of my traveler friends had been asking me if I was going to attend the show, and I started to see that a lot of people I knew were going to attend the NYT Travel Show, so I booked a flight as quickly as I could and hopped across the country to the cold state of New York. It was at this show that I received more inspiration for travel and met other well-known bloggers in the business

Connecting with old friends– I met Daren in Colombia last year and the last time that he saw me I was on my deathbed, delirious and weak. Before leaving me to continue on his travels he bought me some Gatorade for rehydration. We kept in contact over the year, but when I decided to go to the NYT Travel Show, I hit him up, knowing that he lives in Brooklyn. He let me crash on his couch and we shared a whole box of pizza together. It was great to connect with an old friend who knew me when I was traveling and fully supports my dreams.

Booking my trip to India– I have a list of places that I want to conquer and India just seemed like the next place I needed to go to. The number of people telling me I shouldn’t go, that I can’t go alone, only made it easier for me to click that “Buy Ticket” button. I haven’t started planning, so if you have suggestions, comment below!


Car problems– I’ve had the same car for the past 10 years. It was my only car ever. At the beginning of the month my poor, poor car couldn’t hold its liquids anymore and it leaked all over the parking garage, leaving my car dry. The number of times I’ve had work on this car left me with only one choice: sell it. I had the car diagnosed and from there I knew it was finally time. It was a good car to me and I know I won’t get much money from it, but since I’m a traveler, it’s something I have to get rid of now.

I guess if that’s my only problem, I’m doing pretty well right now…

What's to come in February

Since I’m stagnant until my trip to India in March, I’ll be creating more “How To” posts and even some San Diego tips for you all. Each of my posts is also going to be accompanied by a YouTube Video as I continue to make more and more videos.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube channel here. If you can’t be bothered to create a YouTube account in order to subscribe, sign up for my mailing list and receive an alert straight to your inbox whenever I have a new post or new YouTube video up.

Thank you all for your continued support! I look forward to showing you guys more of the world. Where’s somewhere you want to travel in the future?

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