The Willing Road Monthly Round-Up | May 2018

May came and went like a man afraid of commitment.  

Everyone always asks me how I afford to travel so much, and the answer is very simple: I work my damn a** off. Which means I work a lot, save up a lot, and don’t spend a lot. I tend to exhaust myself, but it’s easy to push through when I have a goal. When you keep that goal in mind, working long hours isn’t so bad. So that’s how the month of May went for me: work, work, work, work, work. Like Rihanna. But with less booty.

Destinations Visited

Santa Cruz, California

Puerto Nuevo, Mexico

Best Thing Eaten

Lobster in Mexico

The Dirtiest I Got

Hiking in San Diego. One of the best ways to stay active on the cheap in San Diego is hiking. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s outside. There’s also a lot of dirt and dust involved which sticks to your sweaty face.

The Wettest I Got

None. California has been pretty gloomy but not gloomy enough to rain. Although I almost fell into a lagoon while making a music video. You can check out the behind-the-scenes footage here.

New Experience

Day trip to Mexico. It wasn’t as scary as everyone made it out to be.


Chasing Sunsets— Sunsets happen every day. Even when there are clouds out, you can catch a gorgeous sunset. How often do we stop to appreciate it though? This month, I went on a mission to watch the sunset from several different views. Sometimes I was late and would catch just the last bit orange, and other times I would be right on time, capturing the light just right.

Sunset in Cardiff

Going to Santa Cruz/seeing family— I’ve been in San Diego since I landed in the States. My whole family doesn’t live in San Diego though, which meant that I needed to make a trip to my hometown, Santa Cruz, in order to see them. I love to see my family and just rest and do nothing and eat whatever I want with my family.

Making a music video— I’m always down to try new things and one of the new things I did last year was participate in a music video. This year, when I was asked to be in a music video again, I couldn’t resist. I was stoked on the first one, and I always love supporting my friends and their passions. When I made my trip up to Santa Cruz I immediately met up with my friend and we put together his next music video. I’ll link it here when it’s finished or post it on my Facebook page.

Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway— When I was around 20 I drove down the Pacific coast highway with my significant other. He hated it. His negativity made the trip a bit of a downer for me and I always associated the PCH with those memories. Since I had to drive my car from Santa Cruz back down to San Diego and I was in no rush, I figured, why not? I’ll do it again, this time as a solo traveler. I will admit though, that shit is long but I made it in one day. No seriously, it took an entire day to drive the whole thing (normally people break it up into several days).

View from the side of the Pacific Coast Highway (taken on iPhone)

Getting my car back— When you’re traveling, depending on other forms of transportation can get tiring. Being able to hop into my car and just drive anywhere I want is the level of freedom I strive for all the time. Now that I have my car back I’ve been driving for as long as I want and anywhere I want.


The same ol’ shit— the problem with returning home is that it’s rare to hear good news about the people you grew up with. Everyone fills you in on what’s going on with who and in the end, someone is either caught up in the drug world, in a miserable relationship that they don’t want to leave or having kids for all the wrong reasons. It’s a miserable realization that you can’t connect with your old friends and that all you can do is you. As bad as I want to help out all my old friends and the ones that I loved, I won’t be able to help them unless they help themselves. For someone that loves helping people, it’s an awfully difficult concept to grasp.

Hitting traffic for Memorial Day— Ok, so the PCH is amazing and it’s gorgeous, but holy bejesus do NOT drive it during a major holiday, in this case, Memorial Day weekend. I had no idea that it was Memorial Day weekend when I made plans to drive from Santa Cruz to San Diego. When I realized this, I decided to leave two days earlier than originally planned, but even then I messed up. It was also the same weekend as the Lightning in a Bottle festival which conveniently was between the PCH and highway 101, a detour I had to take because there was a landslide on the PCH.

The landslide on the Pacific Coast Highway— I knew there was a landslide. A lot of people told me I couldn’t take the PCH because of it, but I was able to find a way around. The landslide detour, however, took me away from Hearst castle and other popular sites on the PCH which I was pretty excited to see. Even if all I was really going to do was stand outside and try to figure out how to sneak in without a tour…

What's To Come in June

June is going to fly by just as fast as May did. I’ll be working as much as possible because July is going to be an even busier month for me. In fact, June will be more stagnant than May was. I’ll mostly be doing small day trips for June, but if anyone has any suggestions I will happily take a short trip. I will mostly be focusing on local travel though, so nothing fancy. I’m hoping to bring to you more vlogs as I will be purchasing a new camera this month specifically for vlogging. If you didn’t know about my vlogging, check out my Youtube channel here!

Did you guys get into anything new last month?


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