5 Things I Loved About Seoul

South Korea was never on my top places to see list. But when a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen in 2 years suggested we make the trip to Seoul together, I couldn’t resist. When the opportunity presents itself, I will (almost) always say yes. So after leaving the modest, and beautiful Tokyo, I flew off to Seoul, South Korea without any expectations. The best way to travel, I believe. I had no idea what Seoul would be like or what kind of things it had to offer. As it turns out, it has a lot.

#1 The ease of transportation

Have you ever been that idiot at the front of the line fumbling around trying to find exact change for the bus, while a line is forming behind you? I have. And I feel like an asshole every time. Then I discovered the T-Money Card. It was so easy to get around because I filled the T-Money card up with about $8 and never felt the stress that comes with preparing the correct amount of money for the trip. Plus, paying with cash is more expensive than using your card.

#2 Fancier technology

This kind of goes with the architecture and showiness. The entrance gates into the subway were more animated which made me feel more important every time I stepped through those gates.

#3 The junk food and drinking

Korea has some unique dishes

Pajeon, the Korean Pizza eaten with magkeolli

Why did I never think to add cheese to my ramen, ever?? What kind of monster am I? On top of that there’s kimbap, more ramen, and pajeon? Junk food heaven.

Do you love cats? Have you ever wanted to drink like one? Well you will if you drink makgeolli. The bottle has to be swirled around to mix the liquid inside and then it is poured into your very own bowl. Unique and delicious. And strong.

#4 Art, art everywhere

South Korea has a lot of unique and pretty murals and wall art

South Korea has a lot of unique and pretty murals and wall art

A Seoul local told me that the art wasn’t really something people in Seoul did. But the amount of wall art throughout the city seemed otherwise. There was the typical graffiti and then there was full wall murals everywhere you turned. Hunting for more unique graffiti art was much more interesting to me than any museum.  

#5 Showy Architecture

South Korea architecture

Dongdaemon Design Plaza

Zooming in on the Airport Express to Seoul from the Incheon Airport, I was immediately taken aback by the architecture of South Korea. At first, the land is this vast, empty, flat land void of any life forms as if I were on my way to battle in an arena of District 1 (the odds would not be in my favor). It was a visual overload. Tall buildings, short buildings, similar buildings, extravagant buildings. I didn’t know what to make of it. There were so many buildings built just for show, and even random sculptures to make the scenery more visually appealing.

Korea has some unique sculptures and architecture

A sculpture which advertised calling 911 when in need of help.

Even though I spent a short time in South Korea, I still found some things to love about it. What are your favorite parts of South Korea?



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