Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

Valentine’s Day can be a tough day for some people, but it can be even more difficult to decide what to get the person you’re infatuated or in love with. Me? I’m in love with myself. So I’ve created this list, whether you’re in a relationship with someone who travels or you’re a single AF traveler, these are all wonderful gifts that you can buy for that special someone or yourself.

They are also more practical items. For someone who travels often or is getting ready to go on their first trip, these items/activities will be useful to them or will awaken the traveler inside them.

Trust me, teddy bears aren’t exactly useful when it comes to travel.

Anyway, these are the things I want– I mean, these are the things you should get the traveler in your life:


Flight to Anywhere

In fact, make a flight roulette of it and search for the cheapest flight on the night of February 13th. Return on February 15th. Why? Because the prices of flights on February 14th are jacked all the way up. Oh hey! Las Vegas is only about $120 roundtrip on those days… I think I might have found my Valentine’s Day trip.

Use Skyscanner to find a random cheap trip anywhere.

Beauty Products/Anything Spa-like

The traveler in your life takes all of their money and puts it into savings for their next trip. Beauty of any kind has been put on the back burner because they no longer have money to spend on it. Buy a face mask, give them a massage, buy them the good shampoo that they love but can’t afford, heck, get a pedicure together. Beauty luxuries like these just aren’t affordable on a traveler’s budget, and will be greatly appreciated.

Go Rock Climbing

If the traveler in your life isn’t traveling at the moment, take him/her rock climbing. It’s a great way to get out of the house, learn a new skill, and do an activity together. Search for your local rock climbing gym. 

Traveler's Journal

It’s always great to be able to write down the memories from a trip so that you never forget how a certain location made you feel. Every traveler should have a travel journal, but let’s take it a step further: Either written in the pages of the journal or taped in an envelope inside the journal, write a few letters to that person. Tell the person not to read the letters until they’ve filled the pages up to the letters. Write words of encouragement, or reminders, or whatever you like to keep the traveler going. Sometimes travel can be tough and it would be nice to come across a letter from someone they know and love to push them to keep going.

Traveler-size beauty “basket”

Travel sized hand lotion, travel size hand sanitizer, travel size bug spray, travel size wet wipes, chapstick, and anything else you think your traveler will want with them in their carryon. Put them inside a traveler pouch. The point is that every traveler needs these items and will greatly appreciate having them.


Good Luck Trinket

One of the best gifts I ever received before going on a long trip was a gem that is believed to keep away all the bad juju. It was personal, and it was pulled right out of the purse of the person who gave it to me. If you have something that means something to you, or something you believe keeps people safe, like a Saint Christopher or a lucky rabbit’s foot, give it to your traveler for good luck and a safe trip.

A Watch

I don’t suggest that you buy the fanciest watch with diamonds and shiny gold. Buy a watch that will be useful and not showy. The point is that you don’t want to be a target when out and about, but still have a useful watch that will remind the traveler in your life how much you love them.

Whether you’re buying gifts for yourself to love thyself this Valentine’s Day, or you’re buying for the traveler in your life, I hope that you find some use and inspiration in this list. So what do you think? What are you going to get your Valentine this year?


Disclaimer: I receive a small commission when you buy from the links listed above, at no extra cost to you. 



My name is Tuliyani, traveler, adventurer, dreamer, and bartender. I’m slightly obsessed with finding cheap flights to anywhere and doodling. 


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